Fender Stratocasters

Left: Custom Shop 56 Reissue
Right: John Mayer Black One

Frank Hartung Embrace / Richie Arndt Signature

Acoustic Ladies

Larrivée C-09
Cashimira Modell 56 E-CE Thinline

Resonator Gentlemen

Left : Amistar Tricone / Mahogany
Center : Amistar Single Cone / Style 0
Right : Amistar Tricone Baritone / Rosewood

Wall of Sound

Fender Super Reverb 4×10 (1973) tweaked by Tone Nirvana
Epiphone Pathfinder 1×12 (1964)
Marshall Super Tremolo Amplifier handwired with Marshall TV 4×12 Cabinet

Strings by